Welcome to our site. I am Joel Cooper, the owner of Muddy Wheel Off Road.  I've been a Jeep Enthusiast for over 40 years.  I started my Jeep adventures as a teenager running the country back roads of Mississippi.  I've always had a Jeep to keep me entertained, broken and repaired, empty pockets and all.  I am a military veteran of two world conflicts including "Just Cause" in Panama and "Desert Storm" in the Saudi Desert.  Since serving in the military I have been a Civil Service Firefighter for the past 30 years.. Over the years I have dabbled in the Jeep accessory business, but as I near retirement from my civil service job I have more time to pursue my passion for Jeeps.  This passion encompasses helping others who Love their jeep to find parts and accessories at affordable prices.  
Our mission is to get the absolute best parts at the lowest price. We appreciate the quality products provided by manufactures who have built a name in the Jeep industry and will continue to make these parts available. At the same time we will source for new companies to ensure we have the newest and most creative products that Jeep enthusiast desire.
If you can’t find a product on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can try to meet your needs. 
We look forward serving your Jeep needs so you can go out and “Get Muddy”